Ask what he loves most in life, and Woody Mohler will tell everyone, without hesitation, his Family: Wife, Elissa, along with his children, Dean, Tyler, and Katie. But ask him what career he loves most, and he’ll tell you his business DTK Site Solutions, a surveying and surveying technology business, an industry in which he’s been in the trenches since 1996, and one of which he is the foremost leader in central Ohio. Can you guess what the acronym DTK represents? If you said his children, Dean, Tyler, and Katie, then you’re right on the surveying line!

And while DTK Site Solutions is Family-owned and operated, Woody is no stranger to being an expert in Surveying ventures in both a formal education and in experience, having majored in Surveying Technology in college and earning a prestigious list of customers of some of central Ohio’s largest companies. Most folks love doing business with members of their own communities as often as possible, and Woody has certainly been no exception to that rule.

Woody Mohler’s client acquisition list is the envy of most in his line of work, one which is at least a mile long, with his referral list growing equally as long. But make no mistake: he’s grown his customers by virtue of his experience, his knowledge, a reputation second to none, and lest we not mention, his downhome, folksy-style of conducting business with people in the most wholesome and unpretentious way, almost as if he’s known his clients and everyone who contacts him for his services all of his life. Perhaps that comes from growing up in rural southeastern Ohio, where the charm of his late Father overflowed and where business over a handshake was commonplace. Woody Mohler doesn’t forget those days. Add his children to the mix now, whom he integrates into many facets of his ever growing and successful Family-owned enterprise, and together, their combined years of surveying and surveying technology exceed a century! It simply doesn’t get any better than that, folks, and why DTK Site Solutions continues to expand its services and grow fervently.

Woody looks forward to working with you on all of your surveying and surveying technology needs.