Surveyors working at new construction site



  • Plan & Profile Surveys
  • Construction Setout Surveys
  • Road /Rail/ Pipeline Corridor Surveys
  • Right of Way and easement location
  • Digital Terrain Modeling
  • Mapping
  • Surveying Services

Survey measurements on a construction project will control position, dimensions, configuration, measurements to determine quantities to provide the right solution for all your engineering, planning or construction requirements.

NO INTERRUPTIONS OF YOUR CREW: While they wait for a software expert to come to your job site. we can do it remotely! You won’t want to miss this opportunity, saving you both time and money!

Please call us at 614-567-6144 for more information, or request a quote.  We know you’ll love this add-on, ala carte menu item of services you can’t get anywhere else!


See below a list of public agencies, professional trade organizations and magazines, and trade software programs.