Aerial view of farmland



  • ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys*
  • Topographic surveying and mapping
  • DRONE Mapping
  • Boundary surveying
  • Construction layout
    - Lot and Boundary/Title Insurance
  • Mortgage surveys
  • Easement documents/Utilities
       - Underground and Overhead
       - Gas & Oil
  • Geospatial Surveying
  • GPS control
       3-D Site Services, 3-D Scanning
  • FEMA survey (flood related work)
        flood study and flood certificates
        (Letter of Map Amendment: LOMA)
  • Lot splits (land partitions)
  • Subdivision platting
  • As-Built surveys
  • Route surveying
  • Plot plans and house staking
       - Curb Layout
  • Transportation surveying
  • Commercial building staking and curb layout
       - Underground and Overhead Utilities
  • Residential
  • Environmental
  • 3D Site Services
       (Lot, Boundary, subdivision, Title Insurance)
    Construction Survey

Topographic surveys are usually carried out in order to have an accurate record of the existing conditions of a parcel of land that is about to undergo some type of construction activity. DTK Site Solutions survey initial collection of field data, mapping to construction for all aspects of Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) for right-of-way (ROW) plan development.

Engineers use a topo survey as the beginning surface of their design project and then plan.

Engineer topo survey to calculate the amount of earthwork that might be needed to bring the site to the final grade and balance the earthwork so that dirt need not be taken off the site or brought onto the site.

Architect uses the topo survey for a three-dimension of a presentation to the owner of the land, or the public in a public meeting before design and or construction of a municipal or government building.

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